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A Smooth Closing

Many events can occur while trying to close a home for sale that could possibly delay the closing date. Scheduling movers, the utilities and other important things can be delayed if the closing date is delayed.  Our goal is to always offer information to help you to get where you want to be.  

One thing is certain, each and every role in a real estate transaction is extremely important.  Let's face it, there is usually a buyer, a seller, mortgage broker, REALTOR, home inspector, pest inspector, appraiser, title agents and their support staff.  My, that is a lot of people involved in one transaction and a simple slip could possibly delay a closing.  

Tips on a smooth closing when buying a home:

    Once your offer is accepted its time to start scheduling your home inspection and your pest inspection.  Generally real estate contracts have a time frame for these inspections that needs to be met. Try and get all of your inspections done on the same day.

    Once you get your inspections done and all terms and conditions are met via the inspection report it is time now to have your appraisal done.  If the home of your dreams does not appraise there might be some negotiating room for you!

    Get all the documentation to your closing agent or title company so that they can complete what they have to do with title searches and liens as well as obtaining title insurance.  

    Make sure and stay in touch with your lender, closing agent and the REALTORS if there are real estate agents involved.

    Get your homeowners insurance as soon as you complete the inspection, appraisal and have mortgage approval.  Don't wait too long to pay for your policy especially if you are in the State of Florida.

    Often times in closings additional documentation is needed.  Please do so in a timely fashion as some documents and other possible information needed to receive a clear to close may take a little time.  

    Always follow up and make sure that all parties receive documents needed.  Sometimes faxes end up not being received or they go somewhere else.  

    Most closings take at least 30 days so it is very important to cooperate with all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Each and every real estate transaction is different from the next.  Be fully aware of what is going on at all times and what you need to do to keep things moving along,  otherwise you risk closing late or not at all!