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MLS Listing Plan
Listed on Local MLS & Realtor.com,Zillow
The same MLS used by all Realtors
Choose Your Commission Rate
Web Page With Its Own URL
Up to 25 Photos
Active 6 Months - One Time Fee
Cancel At Any Time
Available In Select Cities
Pricing May Vary Per City
Call Us or Email Support
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MLS Listing Buyer Direct
Listed on Local MLS & Realtor.com,Zillow
The same MLS used by all Realtors
More Buyers Direct to owner
Syndicated to 100 sites
Choose Your Commission Rate
Web Page With Its Own URL
Up to 25 Photos
Active 6 Months - One Time Fee
Cancel At Any Time
Available In Select Cities
Pricing May Vary Per City
Call Us or Live Chat, For Details:
Facebook and Instagram
You Tube ad with your number
We work with full service agents so when your home is displayed in MLS its not with discount broker
MLS listed in 24-48 hours
Up to 25 Photos
Facebook target ads for your home
Cancel anytime
Pay no additional fees.
MLS Listed in 24-48 Hours
Create Flyers
Self Manage Your Own Account
Active for Until it sells
Offer Buyers Agent Commission
Retain the Right to Sell By Owner!
No Additional Fees
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Full Service 1%
• 1% Full Service Listing paid at closing in Local MLS - includes maximum number of Photos
• Realtor.com Zillow.com Listing - includes up to 25 Photos
• Unlimited Open House postings on Local MLS and Realtor.com
• Create a Property Website with up to 25 photos
• Pay no Commission if you Sell Directly to a Buyer (save up to 6%)
• Offer Agents a Commission to bring Buyers ( 1-3% Commission)
• Experienced Listing Agent available to assist with Negotiations
• A Qualified Agent or Mortgage Loan Officer will Host 3 Open House Events
• A Qualified Agent available to answer questions which arise during
• Contract Negotiation, Attorney Review, Home Inspection and Closing
Virtual Tour with advanced Website Syndication 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
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Single Property Website
• Create a single property website (Listing) with up to 25 photos
• Your website is hosted on-line for twelve (12) months
• Manage your website 24/7
• Advertise Open House events from your website
• Create Open House Flyers on demand
• Copy HTML Code to be placed in classified Ads or other websites
• Create a Quick Link or Sub Domain for your single property website
• Upload attachments, and access valuable documents and forms
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Better Homes BY Owner offers an A La Carte Menu of services to For Sale By Owners to choose from. We allow home sellers to save thousands upon thousands of dollars. With our Flat Rate Listing, we give our clients more than any other For Sale By Owner Site

Flat Fee MLS Listing nation wide. Our name says it all, MLS MY HOME. Placing your home in many (MLS) Multiple Listing Services. The Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) DataBases, and many other search engines like Zillow, Google Base, Realtor.com, AOL.com, MSN.com, YAHOO.com.

In just a few short years, since the advent of the Internet, Flat Fee MLS Listing have become the preferred method of marketing a home For Sale By Owner. Compared with traditional real estate brokers who often charge 6-7% of a home's selling price in order to list your home in the MLS, Flat Fee MLS Listing gives For Sale By Owners a tremendous marketing exposure for thousands of dollars less.

"A recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS showed that over 94% of home shoppers now use the Internet. The only way to get your home listed on www.realtor.com is through a real estate agent or broker who is a member of your local Realtor Multiple Listing Service. Realtor.com and many other real estate websites collect the data from the local MLS to display to their users".

By not listing your home in the MLS, you'll be missing out on 87% of home buyers. Everyone knows that increased demand causes prices to increase. If more buyers are aware that your home is on the market, it stands to reason that you will receive a higher sales price.

Greater exposure means higher selling prices and faster selling times. Flat rate MLS listing give you the ability as a homeowner to sell your home faster and for a higher price than marketing a home any other way. 

Listing on the New York MLS is the best way to sell, and listing for a low flat fee is the best way to list on the MLS! List on the MLS just like all other listings, and only pay a commission if a buyer agent brings you a buyer. If you sell your property as a FOR SALE BY OWNER New York, you pay no buyer agent commission, saving even more in commissions. Please contact us if you have any questions. USFlatFeeListing.com is a national association of flat fee brokers. 



Ask about our full service 1% Listing. 

A new trend is emerging in the real estate industry

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at: USFlatFeeListing.com its even better! 

We give you more added marketing tools and coverage areas for lower rates guaranteed!


We have network of full service real estate agents who will list your home in local MLS. This provides more exposure to your home in local markets.All commissions are negotiable.

Our Flat Fee MLS coverage areas include:

Take advantage of our experienced Nationwide Broker Network to
List your Property now

Our Network has more than 2MM listings nationwide!
More than 80% of residential properties sold, are Listed in the MLS!
More than 93 % of homebuyers start online!