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Were Moving - Relocation For Pets

When relocating or moving to a new city or State, lets not forget about man's best friend whether it is a cat, dog or bird.  Relocating can be a stressful and especially if you own a pet. Many folks look at their pets as much than just an animal but a member of their family. Animals tend to get attached to their surroundings.  Familiarity and routine are a big part part of how animals function.  As pet owners there are ways to reduce the stress in relocating man's best friend. Here are a few tips to help your pets adjust.

Pet Relocation

  • Moving can be stressful for pets, it makes perfect sense to get your pet into the vet for various reasons.  To make sure your pet is healthy and able to tolerate traveling in the car or on a plane.  Healthy pets can take the stress of traveling a lot easier than a unhealthy pet. Sick pets are already stressed. Some animals may need medication to help reduce the trauma. If you have a pet that requires regular medicine, don't forget to request their medical records and refill regular prescriptions.  That way when you move, all that you will have to do is find a new vet and they will have have all the information needed to keep your pet in good health. 
  • If you have already found your new home, make sure and find out what rules, regulations and laws that you must follow when it comes to your pets.  Check out the licensing laws as well as leash laws and make sure your new community allows pets. When it comes to extraordinary types of animals or exotic pets, do your research and make sure your pets are welcomed. Remember to check city, town and state laws and ordinances.
  • Transporting your pet could be challenging especially if your pet is used to freedom in your home.  Often times pets become a challenge when using a leash or a carrier when in unfamiliar territory. Generally in a plane or car its best to use a carrier, so make sure the carrier is big enough for your pet to move around somewhat easy.  If your pet cannot stand or lay down, the carrier is not big enough. A too small carrier will cause stress to your pet and probably to the person tending to them while in flight or in the car. Fish, exotic animals may require much more than a carrier when flying, check with the airlines prior to bringing your pets to the airport. 
  • Car sickness is quite common in pets.  Make sure and have ample food and water and medication on hand if it is necessary.  A couple of stops will do your pet wonders and possibly prevent chaos in your car. Walking on a leash after hours sitting in the car will probably make your pet happier and less stressed.  Many rest stops allow areas for pets.   
  • Anything can happen when traveling and relocating. Airlines, airport or train. Do yourself a favor and check for specific requirements when it comes to dropping off, records required and picking your pet up.  Chances are there will be paperwork and procedures that need to be followed prior to leaving, to save yourself time and stress check before you leave town.  
  • If you are traveling with your pet in the car. Limit their food and water intake while in the car.  The best way to feed them is to stop allow them to eat and drink and take them for a little walk.  You don't want accidents in the car.  Sometimes traveling can cause a dog or a cat to have an upset stomach.  Talk to them, let them know you are right there with them.
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