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How To Market Your For Sale By Owner Home on Facebook

Did you know that there are well over a billion users on facebook?  Many folks not only use facebook to reach friends and loved, many use this social network for marketing products and services, businesses and you’ll see plenty of real estate listings.  In order to leverage social media in promoting your home, you might want to consider using facebook to market your home.

Helpful Social Media Tips - Marketing Your Property on Facebook

  • For starters if you do not have a profile, I suggest you make one and if you do Congrats you are among the billion + users who connect and reconnect with people and utilize facebook for marketing purposes. Facebook give the power of global exposure and that is exactly what you need to get your home sold.
  • If you are using and selected one of our paid services, you’re listing will appear on various sites such as zillow,, and other various sites where real estate buyers are searching for homes.  There is usually a share button o a like button somewhere on the page, usually on the top. You’ll want to use the share button so you can post on your wall.  
  • “Remember the commercial, they tell two friends and two friends and so on and so on.”   The Share button can be used in the same way.  Ask your friends and family and their friends and family and their friends and their family.  I think you get the message.  Don’t be shy, let people know your home is for sale and you want it sold!  You will be surprised in how many people will share information as long as you ask.
  • Most cell phone’s today have a way to take photos and/or videos and give people the ability to share on your favorite social networks.   If you choose photos, create a photo album specifically of photos of your house, the front and the back lawns.  You can also add pics of the local conveniences or landmarks and add them in your album.  Don’t forget to share! :)
  • Don’t forget to like your stuff and get others to do the same.  You’ll find that content that is liked and shared may show up at the top of your friends newsfeed.  Its the same with commenting. Any activity required by an action by you or someone esle will get your home back on top of the newsfeed.  So keep an eye on it.
  • If people ask you questions in your comments, respond in a manner that you are comfortable with either in a comment back or in a pm(private message).  Make sure and respond in a timely manner but more importantly make sure and respond.
  • If you plan on having open house or want to hold a brokers open.  Create an event and invite your friends to your event.  Make sure and post the event on your wall not once, not twice but three times. Once when you create it, a few days before and the day of.  Once the event is happening it will automatically post on your wall.  Real estate is a numbers game so do your part to promote your event.
  • Now you can pay to have your post sponsored. You might want to consider this option if you do not have a lot of friends on facebook and you want additional exposure.
  • Join our Facebook business page and add your home if you like.  The more exposure the more likely you will sell it!  

We hope you found these tips on how to market your home on facebook useful!  Price your property right, promote your listing on line, take plenty of pics and don’t forget to list your property with us on Our system will get you where you want to be!