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There are many reasons why someone would consider selling their property without the services of a real estate agent or at a flat fee rate with mls exposure. Investors, home builders and homeowners who have a need or want to save thousands on commissions by selling their property on their own.  For you do it your selfers, here are practical tips to get your home sold either by For Sale by Owner or using a Flat Fee listing service.  

  • Pricing - One of the most important tasks is to price your property properly right from the start.  By overpricing one of your biggest assets, you can prevent your home from being sold.  Remember most folks will obtain a mortgage and an appraisal will be done.  If a buyer is working with a real estate agent chances are they will pull the comparables.  It will not be active listings, it will be homes that already sold.  Consider this when pricing your home.
  • Get Your Home Show Ready - Declutter, depersonalize and minor repairs will go a long way.  It's not a bad idea to have a home inspection before placing your home on the market.  If you find the idea of paying for a home inspection too expensive, why not walk through your house like a potential buyer would. Another words take emotions out and view your home as if you are going to buy it today. Notice all the great qualities your home has to offer and make sure and see the flaws and fix them if you can.  
  • Consider Home Staging - Can create an ambiance that will allow a home buyer to see themselves living in your home by creating additional space, by rearranging furniture and at times changing the entire look and feel of your home. Home Staging is a growing trend and can be costly, however, statistics show properties that have been staged sell faster than without out.
  • Curb Appeal - Is extremely important as home buyers drive by and get a feeling based on the way your entire property looks from the outside.  Manicured lawns, clean flower beds, trimmed trees can make a home quite appealing.  Look around and make sure you do your best to try and have the most beautiful home on the block!
  • Marketing - People need to know that your property is for sale. Sure a for sale sign will help.  Online marketing is vital as well as reaching folks locally, newspaper ads, flyers and mailers are important too!  Did you know that over 93% of homebuyers start their home search online?  In today’s modern world, real estate sales rely heavily on internet marketing!  
There is a huge list of tasks to complete when trying to sell a property.  You can find a wide variety of tips right here on our site.  At, you have a couple of options that will save you thousands in commissions.  Not only will we save you money for your next purchase, we can save you time.  We are sure one of our listing options will work for you.  Contact us today and we will get you on your way, to selling your home!