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Open House Etiquette - Is There Such A Thing

  • Right now its still a buyers market.  As a home buyer the selection of homes may be plentiful.  It’s important to be kind to the home seller, maybe kind is not the right word but more along the lines of minding your manners.  Chances are if someone is selling their house for a good or bad reason, its an emotional time and it makes sense to follow open house etiquette.


Let’s get started

  • Whatcha Doing This Weekend?  set aside a weekend to visit some open houses.  The weekends tend to be the busiest for open houses.  Check online and in the paper for times and addresses and map out your route.


  • Knock, Knock, Is Anyone Home?  Open houses doesn’t mean the door is always open.  Be courteous and knock, you definitely do not want to startle the home seller and/or other guests who might be viewing the property too.

  • Tour the Home and Pay Attention - A house full of people can be distracting and can cause you to chat and glance.  You’ll want to pay attention especially if your intent is to buy a home.  

  • Look But Don’t Touch - Sure you’ll have to open closet doors, check the functionality of the fridge. Don’t start digging and prying into the sellers personal possessions. A measuring tape, something to jot down notes and your attention is what you should bring with you when attending an open house.

  • Ask Permission - to take photos, get comfy on a chair or open any doors that are closed shut.  You don’t want to offend the seller and whoever else might be there.


  • The House is a Mess - Why hurt someone with criticism or say something negative about the home in front of the home seller.  Anything can happen and it could be your choice of a  home. Do you really want the home seller to remember you as the “the one who said...”  Thank them and be on your merry way.

  • Don’t Talk Too Much - Poker Face -  The more you talk, you risk the chance of exposing too much about yourself and talking too much.  Walk through and have your discussion or happy dance outside.  Remember the term Poker Face - it could save you thousands.

  • Notice Another Buyer Falling In Love With the House?  If you love the home, chances are someone else might too.  Pay attention to what other buyers are saying while walking through the house.  If its a hot house, make an offer!    

Happy House Hunting